It’s not just about The Triangle, but its something that effects all of us in and around the town – that’s a clean town. Most of us just take it for granted, while trust me some people just don’t seem to realize what happens or care.

This Saturday / Sunday morning, I hope was the exception. It was a fantastic warm summers night and I found myself walking along the beach, up through the central gardens- to the square in the small hours of the morning. There was still quite a lot of people around, but most had long gone.

The view of the gardens was unbelievable-litter left every where! Some bagged up and placed around the bins, but every where else was a sea of wrappers, cups, tins, bottles and food scraps scattered all over the beautiful green lawns – where ever you looked.

I could not believe that so many people could just walk away and leave a blanket of filth in our Bournemouth Gardens for others to clean up!

And that is precisely what ” others ” do. A small army of people who ensure that all the rubbish is collected and disposed of before most of us even get up, getting Bournemouth, its central gardens and beaches looking fresh again, before most of us have even noticed.

Having seen and witnessed the truly vast amount of disgusting rubbish people leave, I would like bring it to peoples attention of just how bad it can be and  to say a big “thank you” as a local resident, to all those unseen council people/ workers who make The Triangle and Bournemouth a better place.

A place, I am very proud to live.




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