The next fund raising dinner will be held on 17th April at Lolitas. This is a special one off dinner with a glass of Sangria, their fantastic Paella and tapas. This will be followed by chocolate fondue for dessert and some live music. Anyone who has been to this venue will know how great it is!

There will be no speeches, no raffles – just a fantastic fun night with good food and live music in warm, vibrant surroundings. This is a set menu of £25. We hope to raise about £200 from this event.

Please contact or text Jo on 07978493849 to reserve a place, a deposit will be required.

Their have been many suggestions for the money raised, one is to clip plants to railings around The Triangle which would be brought in and looked after by the businesses they hang out side of.

We would like to thank Monroes Dinner for this great idea,                                        what do you think?

What could be done in Poole Hill car park to make it more inviting to visitors? ( apart from weeding and cleaning?)

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