Here I was on my own and feeling at a loose end, so went for a coffee in the Espresso Kitchen. I like this place because besides serving the best cup of coffee, I have noticed this place is a hub for the locals and is always warm and inviting. There were a few people in and I soon found myself engaged in chat with a few of them. I must admit that I live near The Triangle but was surprised by the conversation. I had always thought of myself as relatively observant but was taken aback by the enthusiasm about the changes within The Triangle, happening right under my own nose!

Having finished my coffee I was challenged to have a walk about and really look and take in what was happening around me.

I started at the Top of Poole hill, noticed the new pelican crossing and behind the new additions to St Michael’s School. I had never realised just how big and how many millions the Council must have spent! It has fantastic additions that must have made it more than double in size!

I came down the hill and noticed the toilets under offer- I hear they are being removed and a new building built- a restaurant?, The New Rancho Steak House was much bigger than I had expected and Terraced Buildings around it renovated and looking so much better. The new flats and shop that had been under scaffold near Ashbys Estate Agents nearing completion. The hanging baskets that flourished from most of the lamp posts, I don’t remember seeing any last year?

The small Thai cafe is new, saw the pictures of the food on the window, so I popped in for lunch. This is the old Toppers Resturant that had been closed for the last year or two. The decor and style of the place is a bit dated and certainly different, but it is a cafe- serving true Thai food cooked to order and brought to the table as and when ready, plate by plate-It takes time. This is honest Thai food, not modified for the English consumption. The food was excellent and unbelievable value cooked in the open plan kitchen by the Thai owner.

I certainly didn’t plan to eat so much, so decided to walk more and having gone down a few of the roads I then noticed all the places with scaffold around them, St Michael’s road and then the ANC building to name just two areas- near finished- I understand something to do with a foreign language school?

Then the biggest surprise, under further investigation of peering through windows, all the downstairs shops have been taken in the New Building across the street- though new, these shops had remained empty for years- all now gone facing commercial road! (The old C&A building) Now being fitted out- rumoured to be for a finance house ready for November? How many people are going to work there? The place is vast!

A smile came across my face when I saw the new Flirt sign shimmering in the sun light. Just perfect for the place-cascading light and beckoning people ( as if they need moreI Its always to the brim with people) to its quirky flamboyant inside. Its places like this that make the difference and make The Triangle area so unique and fun.

After years of indifference, to my mind, this area is definitely changing for the better, right under my very nose if only I opened my eyes More!

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  1. Posted September 11, 2013 at 1:53 pm | Permalink

    I grew up living in St Michaels Road before moving away some 20 years ago and have recently moved back to the area because of its new found cosmopolitan feel.
    I think we are going to see a lot more positive improvements over the following years, it’s a great part of town.

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