The Arts

Bournemouth has a thriving and ever expanding Art scene, ranging from the Arts University Bournemouth, through to events held throughout venues across Bournemouth.

But unlike any other small area, the Triangle is host to a very much larger than average collection of talented, creative young people. Finding their hideouts can be tricky though!

Leading the way as a venue of this local talent, across a variety of mediums, from Art and Film to live music and poetry; The Winchester pub has quickly made a name for itself. They are a dedicated, hard working team bringing a vast and wide spectrum of ideas and concepts to a ever increasing volume of people.     We suggest you check out what their doing before going as they cover such a diverse range and audience base.

Above The Winchester is also The Loft, a small group of artist studios nestled at the very top that are at present fully rented out to a selection of people.

The Triangle also has venues such as the large Canvas Loft Bar as well as smaller venues such as The Mad Cucumber, Flirt, The Four Horsemen and of course Smok’in Aces that all have live music on various days. Not also forgetting all the LBGT+ venues in the area as well – It now makes The Triangle one of the premier areas in Bournemouth for live music.

What ever your notion is of a Library (unless you have been) –  forget it! The Bournemouth Library is so much more - as well as  a fantastic display of community, information and reference. It is amongst a host of other venues putting the spotlight on local talent. They have a large selection of display areas  as well as rooms available in this stunning architectural designed building. There is often exhibitions from simple to the large and complex. They are extremely versatile and helpful, This Library, if no other, is a must see in the Triangle, a credit to Bournemouth in both its rich diversity and content but also in its organisation and its pleasant and helpful staff.

White Latern Film is an award winning international feature film production company that is another of a multitude of new buissnesses to have pulled up its roots and moved to The Triangle in the last months of 2013. An intresting company that we shall all be seeing a lot more of I am sure!

The Triangle also plays a growing part in the Bournemouth Arts by the Sea Festival,                                                                                              

A stones throw from The Triangle, the Bournemouth International Centre and Bournemouth Pavillion are  known through out the country for hosting a international, vast range of performances from ballet and opera to rock concerts and comedy shows. Including the annual Panto.

 Flirt Cafe is like no other cafe,(It is far from just a cafe, selling food & wine also) It is the heart and soul of The Triangle with occasional live entertainment, exhibitions, poetry nights and book signings.This unusual and quirky venue holds a array of night time entertainment on various nights that have seen a performance of a 32 person choir on one night, a viewing of the latest James Bond film on another and singer / Song writers doing a show for just their hat to be sent round. Believe me – some very professional acts!