STARBUCKS – OPEN. . . Corporate America in the Triangle?!

Seldom has their been such controversy for the  opening of a coffee shop

The Triangle is about quirky, individuality that sets it apart from every other high street across England. Its what makes it different, that is its star Quality and one that makes us proud to live here.

Their have also been protests about Starbucks tax avoidance.

But it should be remembered that Starbucks is a franchise and the owners of this Starbucks have put a lot of money, time and effort into this project, don’t live in America but here in the south.

Like it or not, it is a universal brand. Its involvement in the Triangle proves what we who live here already know – it is a sign of the Triangles improvement and growth, it shows that the triangle is quickly becoming the place to be and live.

Will it bring more people to the Triangle…yes.Will it effect other business in the area…we think not – just increase foot fall into the area, which has got to be a good thing.

We were pleased to see them advertising FLIRT and understand they will be promoting the local community.

Starbucks is one of eight new opened or just about to open, places in the Triangle in less than five months!

These are exciting and changing times for the area, just one more thing about the Triangle, Bournemouth making it truly a better place.