A big thank you to staff at Lolitas – community fund now £480

It was a fantastic night, the moment you walked through the door, live guitar music set the pace from the very beginning.MG_0521

A glass of Sangria on arrival, sat down and just to relax letting our eyes and ears take in the ambiance of the room. That was a feast in its self, a good start before we even had a bite! We were soon in the mood, the pace set – we were excited for what was in store,  then the food- it just kept coming. we were not disapointed, a great selection from all corners of Spain.

loitafullrestrauntMost of us enjoying a glass or two of wine from their selection of good Spanish wines; it just got better as the night went on. The decor and warmth of the place and the Character of its owners is evident through out the place creating such enjoyment.

At the end of the evening, much to our surprise and disbelieve the staff and owners donated their tips of over £50 to bring the total of the night to £210 for the fund.

A big thank you to Lucia and Steve, and the staff of Lolitas.


An interview with JJ Adams from Smokin’ Aces

JJ Adams -Proprietor of Smokin' AcesTo try and give you some insight into the people who live and work in the triangle, we took some time out from maintaining this site and paid a visit to one of our local establishments for some light refreshment. While we were there we bumped into local businessman and owner of Smokin’ Aces Mr JJ Adams; who very kindly took time to sit with us and answer some questions for us.

What’s your name?
JJ Adams

What’s your job?
Creator and proprietor of Smokin’ Aces, a humble little Cocktail Bar & Whiskey Lounge in Bournemouth.

How long have you been in Bournemouth?
I moved to Bournemouth in 2005, and haven’t looked back since!

When did you start your business?
Smokin’ Aces was established in November 2010.

What gave you the idea for Smokin’ Aces?
I’ve always believed that Bournemouth has lacked bars, proper bars. There are some great pubs, and great clubs, but not a lot in the bar category. If a good quality drink is what you’re after then there are some fantastic venues that can cater to your needs, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to ask the bartender to put your favourite song on. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, if you like to let your hair down but you appreciate the complexity of a decent spirit or cocktail, then Aces is the perfect choice for you.

Why did you choose the Triangle for your venue?
To be honest, timing. The venue became available and I had an opportunity, I had to weigh up the pros and cons and decide whether the Triangle would be right for me, and if I’d be right for the Triangle.

Do you think the triangle has contributed to the success of your business?
Absolutely. I don’t think that Smokin’ Aces would be the same if it was in another location. It’s helped us stay true to the brand. We don’t do any mass marketing, it’s all word of mouth and via social media to people who already know about us. This way it promotes marketing to like-minded people. The triangle has/had (I believe it’s changing) a stigma for being a gay only area, anybody who’s closed-minded enough to not want to come to the Triangle (or more specifically Aces) for fear of it being ‘gay only’ isn’t the kind of clientele we would want to attract. Aces is not a gay bar, but we do not discriminate against any sexual orientation, we’re better than that!

Smokin' Aces in the Triangle Bournemouth

What do you think makes the triangle special?
The Triangle acts as a natural deterrent for closed-minded people who still believe that the Triangle is only for gay people. As a result of this the people who come to the triangle are generally more open-minded, generally more cultural and more friendly, the area as a whole (and especially Aces) has very little trouble at all. I hate the comparison but I have to agree with it, if Bournemouth had a Soho area, it would be the Triangle!

Why do you think people should come to the triangle?
If people want something slightly out of the ordinary, with businesses that are slightly more specialist, then the Triangle is probably your best bet.

Why do you think businesses should consider the triangle?
I think there’s a thriving community here, and I think it’s the perfect place to see lots of boutique shops. The high street as we know it is dying, if you can get it online then as a shop you need to adapt or you will fail. I’m hoping to see a string of shops that deliver not just products, but an experience that you won’t find online. I think the Triangle is only halfway there, but it’s got all the potential.

We would like to thank JJ for his honesty (and time, of which he has little!!) and for bringing one of our favorite venues to the triangle. Take a look at the video below for an  idea of what you can expect and why not pop along and see for yourself.

BC Trio Live - Smokin' Aces Bournemouth

Smokin Aces

Possibly the premiere cocktail/whiskey bar in Bournemouth. Smokin Aces offers a varied range of drinks to suit all tastes. With Live bands and entertainment nearly every night it is the perfect place to spend some time.

Smokin Aces whiskey and cocktail bar in the Triangle
An unrivalled atmosphere including a mix of live bands and DJ’s, Smokin Aces is a must for any social outing in Bournemouth.

Two floors, two bars and one of the smoothest places around.

Run by local entrepreneur JJ Adams, Smokin’ Aces offers a warm and inviting atmosphere with friendly staff on hand to help satisfy the most curious of pallettes. And if you’re lucky they may even name a drink after you!!

For more information on events visit the Smokin Aces Website