Blooming marvelous!!

The Triangle Bournemouth, a better place project is pleased to announce that we have successfully applied and received funding for hanging baskets, which have been placed around the Triangle following on from Poole Hill. Our thanks goes to The Green Goals community fund who generously donated £1000 to our brightening with blooms project.

Now the brackets are up and the lamp posts stress tested it will be much easier next year to repeat this.

The Triangle Bournemouth, a better place project extends its thanks to Linda Maguire, Chris Evans (not the radio host) and Chris Hardy. It is also through the dedication and perseverance of Jo-ann Thatcher who project managed this venture from inception though to delivery.

A big thank you to all involved; we are very proud to be included in the running for the ‘Bournemouth in Bloom 2013 competition.’ Bring on 2014!! Bigger and brighter!

Credit must also go to Norman Decent for his effort and contribution on Poole hill.