The First Triangle, Bournemouth – A Better Place Get Together

The first “Triangle, Bournemouth - A Better Place” networking business event took place on Wednesday 22nd January at The Bournemouth Library.

It was a light hearted evening of networking and getting to know one another over a drink (or two!). We believe it was a great success as the first event, and it will be even better next time. We are thankful to all those who attended.


There where a lot of ideas flowing on the night, which have been recorded and will be collated and issued prior to the next event, which will be hosted by the fantastic “Tree House Family Play Area”. We will be looking at the suggestions and expanding over the coming months with a view to ranking the ideas and projects in order of importance verses funds and assistance available.


The “Triangle Bournemouth – A Better Place” events will continue throughout the months. Each night will be very different and unique as each host and venue will change, adding an interesting element of diversity to each meeting. We are certain that Claire and Chris of The Tree House Family Play will make their meeting fun, productive and informative. We can’t wait until the 26th of February when proceedings start at 6pm.



We would like to thank The Bournemouth Library for the fantastic help and assistance that they gave us, which was far and beyond what we had hoped for. Don’t forget to bring your raffle ticket’s along next time from the evening as the Magnum of Harrods Champagne will be given away on the 26th to one lucky winner.

An Invitation- Evening of Networking and Wine

Your presence is requested!

Triangle business eventPlease join us for a get-together over a glass of wine,  January 22nd

The Triangle Bournemouth - A better place project will be hosting its first evening business event for local businesses in the triangle area.

With so many new businesses started in the last few years, the first Triangle business event will be a light hearted evening of networking and getting to know one another over a glass or two of wine. There will also be an opportunity to share ideas, with the sole aim of making The Triangle an even better place.

Thereafter the idea is to host these events on a monthly basis at differing venues around The Triangle. The events at this point are planned to be held on the last wednesday of every month with the venue owners chairing the event. Bringing an interesting element of diversity to each meeting, and offering the hosts a chance to promote their business to the collective attendees.

The first meeting is to be held at the Bournemouth Library who have very kindly allowed us the use of their venue on Wednesday 22nd January, Commencing at 5.30 til 7 when the library shuts.

If you are interested in attending or hosting one of these Triangle business events please register your interest as we need to know numbers for wine and nibbles.

2013 – The story so far…

As mentioned in Jim’s post, the Daily Echo has published details of Amigo Loans opening in the old C&A building. This 18000sqft space is going to employ roughly 250 people, bringing new footfall to the triangle. This helps to highlight the Triangle Bournemouth as an area of outstanding growth and potential. We would like to thank James Benamor CEO of Amigo Loans, for his favourable comments on the area, and wish him the best of luck in his venture.

This will have a major impact on the catering trade in the area, and joins a number of other businesses entering the triangle in 2013. These include Rancho Steakhouse, the Mad Cucumber Lounge, the Thai Cafe, Starbucks and Treehouse Family play, to mention but a few.

Airforce hair has moved to larger premises across the road from their original site. Additionally Hedony hair salon has also opened this year and joining Tony is Roger Moore. Offering promotions such as Champagne Sundays  and late opening this venue shows promise.

The tail end of 2012 also saw the opening of The Expresso Kitchen and Flat 13 records.

It is obvious to the untrained eye that the triangle is making a name for itself in Bournemouth, so we would like to thank all contributors to both the Triangle Bournemouth a better place project and all the unsung heroes that have helped in any way to assist in the area.

We also understand that the ANC building refit is nearing completion promising further growth for the area. This is in addition to a number of other offers on vacant premises. More news to follow…

On a final note we would like to welcome Chris and Sue from Main News which opened this year on Commercial road.

The Triangle According to Jim

Here I was on my own and feeling at a loose end, so went for a coffee in the Espresso Kitchen. I like this place because besides serving the best cup of coffee, I have noticed this place is a hub for the locals and is always warm and inviting. There were a few people in and I soon found myself engaged in chat with a few of them. I must admit that I live near The Triangle but was surprised by the conversation. I had always thought of myself as relatively observant but was taken aback by the enthusiasm about the changes within The Triangle, happening right under my own nose!

Having finished my coffee I was challenged to have a walk about and really look and take in what was happening around me.

I started at the Top of Poole hill, noticed the new pelican crossing and behind the new additions to St Michael’s School. I had never realised just how big and how many millions the Council must have spent! It has fantastic additions that must have made it more than double in size!

I came down the hill and noticed the toilets under offer- I hear they are being removed and a new building built- a restaurant?, The New Rancho Steak House was much bigger than I had expected and Terraced Buildings around it renovated and looking so much better. The new flats and shop that had been under scaffold near Ashbys Estate Agents nearing completion. The hanging baskets that flourished from most of the lamp posts, I don’t remember seeing any last year?

The small Thai cafe is new, saw the pictures of the food on the window, so I popped in for lunch. This is the old Toppers Resturant that had been closed for the last year or two. The decor and style of the place is a bit dated and certainly different, but it is a cafe- serving true Thai food cooked to order and brought to the table as and when ready, plate by plate-It takes time. This is honest Thai food, not modified for the English consumption. The food was excellent and unbelievable value cooked in the open plan kitchen by the Thai owner.

I certainly didn’t plan to eat so much, so decided to walk more and having gone down a few of the roads I then noticed all the places with scaffold around them, St Michael’s road and then the ANC building to name just two areas- near finished- I understand something to do with a foreign language school?

Then the biggest surprise, under further investigation of peering through windows, all the downstairs shops have been taken in the New Building across the street- though new, these shops had remained empty for years- all now gone facing commercial road! (The old C&A building) Now being fitted out- rumoured to be for a finance house ready for November? How many people are going to work there? The place is vast!

A smile came across my face when I saw the new Flirt sign shimmering in the sun light. Just perfect for the place-cascading light and beckoning people ( as if they need moreI Its always to the brim with people) to its quirky flamboyant inside. Its places like this that make the difference and make The Triangle area so unique and fun.

After years of indifference, to my mind, this area is definitely changing for the better, right under my very nose if only I opened my eyes More!

Blooming marvelous!!

The Triangle Bournemouth, a better place project is pleased to announce that we have successfully applied and received funding for hanging baskets, which have been placed around the Triangle following on from Poole Hill. Our thanks goes to The Green Goals community fund who generously donated £1000 to our brightening with blooms project.

Now the brackets are up and the lamp posts stress tested it will be much easier next year to repeat this.

The Triangle Bournemouth, a better place project extends its thanks to Linda Maguire, Chris Evans (not the radio host) and Chris Hardy. It is also through the dedication and perseverance of Jo-ann Thatcher who project managed this venture from inception though to delivery.

A big thank you to all involved; we are very proud to be included in the running for the ‘Bournemouth in Bloom 2013 competition.’ Bring on 2014!! Bigger and brighter!

Credit must also go to Norman Decent for his effort and contribution on Poole hill.

June and July dates for your diary. . .

It looks like the Rancho Steak House will be opening its doors this week and though not totally sure would expect around 22nd June. To Be confirmed. . .

St Michael’s Primary School located on Somerville Road will be holding its Annual Summer Fayre on the 21st of June. ( If you have any items that you can donate as a prize in their raffle please contact Zoe Herbert on 01202 290497 - I am sure they would be grateful)

The Goat and Tricycle pub will be hosting a BBQ on Sunday 30th June and will have a selection of exotic burgers and sausages on sale as well as jugs of ale and Pimms. The fun starts from 2pm!

Flirt Cafe will also be hosting its Soul day on Sunday 30th with a series of events starting from midday as part of The Bournemouth Food and Drink Festival with live soul music and “soul food”.

Tree House Family Play will be having a Holiday Club for 4 to 12 years old for children of working parents or for those who just need a little extra help over the summer holidays,from the 5th July to 5th September. Places are limited and being booked up quickly, Phone 07570990333 for further details.

The Bournemouth Pride Festival hosted in The Triangle each year is this year on the 12 -14th July and the link can be found on our LGBT page.

Library donates to local food bank

How would you fancy a book token or a plant for free ?

Bournemouth library Service and Strategy Manager Medi Bernard is currently giving away her collection in return for donations to the local food bank.

To be in with a chance of winning all you have to do is to bring a tin or packet of food down to the Bournemouth Library and leave your contact details*, to be entered into the monthly prize draw.

* Details will only be used to contact the lucky winner!

Bournemouth Foodbanks

Every day people in Bournemouth go hungry for reasons ranging from redundancy to receiving an unexpected bill on a low income. Bournemouth Foodbank provide a minimum of three days emergency food and support to people experiencing crisis in Bournemouth. The Bournemouth Foodbank is currently distributing a tonne of food every week.

(copy from

To find out mor information about Food banks please click on the following links.


A big thank you to staff at Lolitas – community fund now £480

It was a fantastic night, the moment you walked through the door, live guitar music set the pace from the very beginning.MG_0521

A glass of Sangria on arrival, sat down and just to relax letting our eyes and ears take in the ambiance of the room. That was a feast in its self, a good start before we even had a bite! We were soon in the mood, the pace set – we were excited for what was in store,  then the food- it just kept coming. we were not disapointed, a great selection from all corners of Spain.

loitafullrestrauntMost of us enjoying a glass or two of wine from their selection of good Spanish wines; it just got better as the night went on. The decor and warmth of the place and the Character of its owners is evident through out the place creating such enjoyment.

At the end of the evening, much to our surprise and disbelieve the staff and owners donated their tips of over £50 to bring the total of the night to £210 for the fund.

A big thank you to Lucia and Steve, and the staff of Lolitas.


An interview with JJ Adams from Smokin’ Aces

JJ Adams -Proprietor of Smokin' AcesTo try and give you some insight into the people who live and work in the triangle, we took some time out from maintaining this site and paid a visit to one of our local establishments for some light refreshment. While we were there we bumped into local businessman and owner of Smokin’ Aces Mr JJ Adams; who very kindly took time to sit with us and answer some questions for us.

What’s your name?
JJ Adams

What’s your job?
Creator and proprietor of Smokin’ Aces, a humble little Cocktail Bar & Whiskey Lounge in Bournemouth.

How long have you been in Bournemouth?
I moved to Bournemouth in 2005, and haven’t looked back since!

When did you start your business?
Smokin’ Aces was established in November 2010.

What gave you the idea for Smokin’ Aces?
I’ve always believed that Bournemouth has lacked bars, proper bars. There are some great pubs, and great clubs, but not a lot in the bar category. If a good quality drink is what you’re after then there are some fantastic venues that can cater to your needs, but it’s unlikely you’ll be able to ask the bartender to put your favourite song on. We don’t take ourselves too seriously, if you like to let your hair down but you appreciate the complexity of a decent spirit or cocktail, then Aces is the perfect choice for you.

Why did you choose the Triangle for your venue?
To be honest, timing. The venue became available and I had an opportunity, I had to weigh up the pros and cons and decide whether the Triangle would be right for me, and if I’d be right for the Triangle.

Do you think the triangle has contributed to the success of your business?
Absolutely. I don’t think that Smokin’ Aces would be the same if it was in another location. It’s helped us stay true to the brand. We don’t do any mass marketing, it’s all word of mouth and via social media to people who already know about us. This way it promotes marketing to like-minded people. The triangle has/had (I believe it’s changing) a stigma for being a gay only area, anybody who’s closed-minded enough to not want to come to the Triangle (or more specifically Aces) for fear of it being ‘gay only’ isn’t the kind of clientele we would want to attract. Aces is not a gay bar, but we do not discriminate against any sexual orientation, we’re better than that!

Smokin' Aces in the Triangle Bournemouth

What do you think makes the triangle special?
The Triangle acts as a natural deterrent for closed-minded people who still believe that the Triangle is only for gay people. As a result of this the people who come to the triangle are generally more open-minded, generally more cultural and more friendly, the area as a whole (and especially Aces) has very little trouble at all. I hate the comparison but I have to agree with it, if Bournemouth had a Soho area, it would be the Triangle!

Why do you think people should come to the triangle?
If people want something slightly out of the ordinary, with businesses that are slightly more specialist, then the Triangle is probably your best bet.

Why do you think businesses should consider the triangle?
I think there’s a thriving community here, and I think it’s the perfect place to see lots of boutique shops. The high street as we know it is dying, if you can get it online then as a shop you need to adapt or you will fail. I’m hoping to see a string of shops that deliver not just products, but an experience that you won’t find online. I think the Triangle is only halfway there, but it’s got all the potential.

We would like to thank JJ for his honesty (and time, of which he has little!!) and for bringing one of our favorite venues to the triangle. Take a look at the video below for an  idea of what you can expect and why not pop along and see for yourself.

BC Trio Live - Smokin' Aces Bournemouth


Treehouse Family  Play area opened on St. Michaels Road on 15th March. A wonderful transformation of a large victorian building, with a cafe serving coffee, pizza & meatballs at the front as well as the large fantastic multi level indoor play area for the kids at the back, so no matter what the weather, there is always something for them to do! (Much Much More, Treehouse Family Play Area)

The Mad Cucumber Vegan Lounge on the Triangle is progressing well and we look forward to their opening. The Vegan Lounge looks interesting : fun, quirky and ideal for The Triangle. We can’t wait to see it finished and wish them well with this project.

Hedony has recently opened on Poole Hill, only opened 4 weeks and has already established itself as a very stylish and sophisticated hair dressers, which we think is a great credit to the area.  Their number is 01202 556611.

Rancho Steak House, work continues and we are very much looking forward to having a good meal there in this large and exciting restaurant – opening soon.

Other stories already reported on this posting; the opening of Starbucks in The Triangle ( Starbucks, corporate America in the Triangle?! Chloe & Bill having been found a place to live, thanks to Cafe Flirt highlighting their predicament (Good home wanted for Chloe) and the Triangle, Bournemouth - a better place community fund starting at £270. The next fundraising dinner will be held at Lolitas on the 17th April.