Espresso kitchen – In The Triangle

 Espresso kitchenFran at Le Bateau in the Triangle Bournemouth

This is definitely what we would describe as “Compact and Bijou”, (Even though they have doubled it in size- 2016) This cafe has character and style which we love. We don’t know how they have done it, but it has quickly become a meeting place for locals. It is all about personality, the place oouzes it- the staff and owner Fran in particular, has made this a very warm and inviting place to stop for a great cup of coffee or quick bite in mind.

Since March 2016 It has gone through a major overhaul and been completely redesigned, with a smaller seating capacity on the ground floor but a new 1st floor & toilet, now opened up to the public enabling them to cater for more than double its original capacity. Open at present from 7:30am to 7pm Monday to Saturday, 10-6 Sundays.Please Check their details

Le Bateau in the Triangle Bournemouth, a better place

They serve delicious homemade cakes, as well as sometimes croissants, Bakewell tarts and pastries, that you can enjoy over a good cup of coffee, to eat in- if you can, or take away. Selection changes daily- brought in fresh each morning.

A  local independent coffee shop serving organic, fairtrade locally ground great coffee.


To find out more visit their web site, espresso kitchen

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Flirt – Cafe Bar

Flirt cafe in the triangle Bournemouth, a better placeFlirt is like no other cafe – its the heart and soul of the triangle. Its quirky, flamboyant and yes – very mixed up!

Its that mixed up that only they can do like no one else, and pull off with such style and panache.

They manage to attract clients from all ages across all sections and put them together with such great results – all are welcome.

Serving a great variety of hot and cold food, hot drinks and alcoholic beverages, flirt offers you a range to suit every taste.

Flirts’ mixture of both quirky and comfy seating gives the visitor a great choice straight from the off.

You know when you’ve been flirted!

Open from 9am till 11pm.

Its not just a cafe, they serve hot food, have a help yourself salad bar and serve ciders, beer and wine.

Check what they are doing today – there is always something happening at flirt.