1488708361902752786016Originally having moved to the Triangle I had thought the small shop front acoss the street, was a strange place to put a children’s play area, they must sell ice cream there- they have Rainbow flags out side? On walking to the window I soon realised it wasn’t!

They can’t be very busy.

Over the years and looking back I can not understand how nieve and stupid I was! But still what a strange place to put Over the Rainbow, a small drop in for the LGBT+  community?

On starting this web site, ( We put them on) I learned a lot more. Their range of advice, support and information for thier clients was far greater than I could imagine or even briefly understand. As well as mental & health advice, they offer sexual health advice and its safe promotion, psychological support and even advocacy. In fact they provide a vast array of services that I began to realise was also used by so many!

Like so many public funded institutions, trying to balance the books has been extremely difficult and even though for the last 15 years Over The Rainbow has provided for the LGBT+ community in the heart of the Triangle such a unique and needed service, it has tragically been subject to NHS and public health cuts from operating from its current premises.

It is a tragic shame that should not go with out notice.

On  a recent visit I found out this is all provided in a safe, confidential space with qualified, professional counselling and even including a drug and alcohol referral service. The place is like a tardis. Reception, Meeting room and small interview rooms, office and clinic/ treatment room. Again not at all what I had expected. It’s unique place in the Triangle places it perfectly for its easy accessability for its client base and cheaply.

Over the Rainbow has come out fighting. They are now seeking community based crowd funding for both the short and longer term for the protection of its services.

They have set up a justgiving.org page. Having achieved 18% of its target of £27,000 target.

As well as planned night’s at local LGBT+ venues in The Triangle, they have organised a sponsored walk from pier to pier, starting from Boscombe on April 16th from a 12:00 start- But with a twist- it’s got to be in ladies heels!!


Boscombe pier to pier. April 16th

Men dressed as men, but in heels! Please contact Over the Rainbow directly for pledge forms, information and for any other ways that you can help:       01202 257478 (they also have an answer phone when closed).





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