To be honest, I could not think of a better title? But it does sound like very good news again for the area.

As reported on the community page, Jalarra is apparently the aboriginal word for ” Festival of arts and entertainment “. Well, you may ask yourself, nice to know -but so what? Well the fact is – its location is on our door step!

Fantastic news, yet again – the old Bumbles night club (opp the Koh Thai at the top of The Triangle) is in the process of being re-done into a cafe, bar & live music venue. The owners have said that they will not be catering for stag nights or the late night binge drinkers, but instead will be hosting nights of Jazz, Blues & Soul ( to pick just a few of the options) and even possible Bumble Nights!

As they quite rightly state- it will be the general public that decide whether it is a success or not. So its important to show your support now and mould it into the type of venue that we can all be proud of saying its in our part of town, The Triangle, Bournemouth – and adds to making it- a better place!

I, for one can’t wait and think its great that the building is finally coming back into use. So, I will say again:

Hip, Hip for Jalarra!


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