ETC International College

Proud to be a part of the Triangle business community, ETC International College is a specialist English language school accredited by the British Council, inspected by the ISI and member of English UK.

Established in 1989, ETC is experienced in providing English language training and Special Purposes courses for adults, juniors and executive clients.ETC International College in the Triangle

ETC’s courses are designed:
•                For people who would like to communicate more effectively in English by improving grammatical knowledge, language skills and confidence – on our General English courses.
•                To help people in their exams and assist them to obtain the best possible results – on our Exam Preparation courses.
•                For business people, academics, specialists, technicians and professionals who would like to enhance their specialist language ability on our Special Purposes courses.
•                For junior students who would like to make the most of their holidays and learn about British culture on our Junior English courses.

The ETC campus now covers an area of approximately 3000 square metres with 5 buildings all located on the same site on West Hill Road / Durley Road at the Triangle.

Situated just 5 minutes from the town centre and the beach, ETC offers:
Its own on-site student residence with over 60 beds for international students.
Over 40 classrooms.
A Café and a Residence Dining Room serving hot and cold food, snacks and drinks.
A well-equipped Library and Resources room plus 2 computer rooms.

Students choose ETC International College because they discover a friendly, relaxed atmosphere in which to study and caring professionals who are keen to help them make the most of their time in Great Britain.  We know that our students’ needs are unique and that their time is precious.

ETC International College is always on the lookout for friendly and caring host families in the area, so our Accommodation and Welfare Manager (email: ), would be very happy to hear from people who might have a spare bedroom available for an international student.  Our host families find that taking a student into their homes is a very satisfying way to boost their income (tax free up to approximately £4,500!).

ETC International College.
22-26 West Hill Road (and 2 Durley Road),
BH2 5PG.
Tel: + 44 (0) 1202 559044.
Fax: + 44 (0) 1202 780162.

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