Jalarra, Jalarra – Hip Hip Hooray??

To be honest, I could not think of a better title? But it does sound like very good news again for the area.

As reported on the community page, Jalarra is apparently the aboriginal word for ” Festival of arts and entertainment “. Well, you may ask yourself, nice to know -but so what? Well the fact is – its location is on our door step!

Fantastic news, yet again – the old Bumbles night club (opp the Koh Thai at the top of The Triangle) is in the process of being re-done into a cafe, bar & live music venue. The owners have said that they will not be catering for stag nights or the late night binge drinkers, but instead will be hosting nights of Jazz, Blues & Soul ( to pick just a few of the options) and even possible Bumble Nights!

As they quite rightly state- it will be the general public that decide whether it is a success or not. So its important to show your support now and mould it into the type of venue that we can all be proud of saying its in our part of town, The Triangle, Bournemouth – and adds to making it- a better place!

I, for one can’t wait and think its great that the building is finally coming back into use. So, I will say again:

Hip, Hip for Jalarra!


Here we are 2015, Doesn’t it look good!

We start 2015 with a lot of positive changes and new things to come in The Triangle!

But firstly we start with an apology. The site was/ is being re done but our schedules have just made it impossible to find the time to get together, so the home page is still missing and new work only half done.

This has meant that a lot of things have not been reported or pages up-graded. This is also partly to do with the growing success of our “The Triangle Bournemouth Community Group, face book page which has now got more than 1,300 members since its start a few months ago! An incredible feat- well done to Jo Thatcher and also now Paul Stenning who do most of that work.

The four horsemen has opened- what an interesting venue, with over 70 bottled bears on sale – and a nice guy who owns it. If you haven’t been, you must. Please see the write up started under Bars. Sorry about the lack of pictures, one day I will learn!

The Goat and Tricycle Pub has been under new management for a few months now and seems to be getting more popular ( as if that was possible?!) as each week passes- under the direction of its popular staff and new management team.

Both new Hilton Hotels are progressing well at the bottom of the hill and the draw of new potential customers, with the plans seen so far, will start making an incredible impact on our area even by the end of this year (2015). What is planned over the next few years is nothing but incredible- great news for long term investment in our area.

There are lots of  “same” high street shops all over Britain (that the web also covers) but there is only one area as individual, creative and diverse as The Triangle, Bournemouth. Its uniqueness of good restaurants, bars, hair salons and coffee shops – all within a short walk,  truly makes it a better place.




HELP! Home wanted for two indoor cats left abandoned

It is sad to report that a home(s) is urgently sought for two lovely black and white cats that have sadly been left to fend for their selves after being abandoned by there owner after they have left the country.

The cats are thought to be between 1-2 years old and have been kept for the most part indoors in a flat in the Triangle area. It is unfortunate that a local cat shelter has been un able to take them as they are already full.

If you think you could help in any way / would like to find out more details, please contact 01202 299684

Free Violin Concert in the Library at 11:30 Saturday 14th June

A birthday concert for Maurice Patterson MBE, at Bournemouth Library 11:30 Saturday 14th of June

Maurice Patterson MBE is turning 75 this year. He is president of the Coda Fiddle Orchestra, Bournemouth’s sistema project providing violin lessons and rehearsals for the Coda Fiddle Orchestra group where no child is excluded due to there inability to play.

With out Maurice’s tireless fund raising, there would probably be no CFO.

The CFO makes a major contribution to the musical life of Bournemouth and is a flagship for Bournemouth, performing alongside The National Youth Orchestra at London South Bank’sw annual Simon Bolivar Nucleo. Also on The gardens Bandstand, for the Arts Festival, for Christchurch Arts festival as well as many private functions including the recent Rock Star Business Achievements Awards. 

This Saturday the CFO is giving a concert in Maurices honour. Young violinists will perform Vivaldi concertos including the Four Seasons. We are sure it will make a very interesting start to the day and we hope to see you there!

Thai Food Festival – The Triangle 3-5th May

The Thai Food Festival

Bournemouth’s Thai Food Festival will be returning for it’s fifth year!

THIS Saturday 3rd May, over the bank holiday to Monday the 5th, we will see the Bournemouth Town Centre transformed into a Food and Culture Festival – returning this year with a twist. The Festival will be meandering all the way up Commercial Road and directly into The Triangle.

This fantastic event, organised by the Bournemouth Thai language and Culture School, provides an opportunity for mixed heritage famillies (English / Thai) to meet socially and explore Thai Culture and language.

We are proud to welcome this exciting event into our communtiy. There will be a lot of things to see, try and taste, plus Live entertainment throughout the day.

Funds raised over the weekend help the school continue their great work

This is an event that you would be foolish to miss.

A Big Thank You to Flirt, Mint Leaf & Bourne Free

It is with out a doubt, the Triangle area would not be the same with out FLIRT!

Bournemouth is Changing, and the Triangle is leading the way with a collection of independent businesses and local folk setting the standard for things to come. We are currently witnessing a ripple effect with the epicentre located directly under FLIRT.

With out the genuine care of both Peter and Rob, The Triangle just would not be the same. Their quirky, understated, flamboyant attitude towards local culture, makes The Bournemouth Triangle an interesting and better place. We don’t just like you – quite frankly we love you! Love The Triangle

We would also like to take the time to thank the Mint Leaf Restaurant

Mint Leaf put on an distictive networking evening on Wednesday 30th April. Raj and Josh did an excellent job of hosting the event, providing another venue for discussions about the area and our community. They also put together an excellent spread of food for all guests to sample, which was a delicious and exciting addition to the night. Thank you.

We would like to thank everyone who atteneded, also Cllr Dave Smith who has pleged support and funding toward the ongoing Triangle efforts. It is fantastic to see so many people from our community coming together, meeting and communicating to achieve common goals. Thank you ALL!

Last and by no means least, we would like to thank BOURNE FREE.

The Bourne Free Organisation, who are responsible for the Bournemouth Gay Pride Festival, kindly contributed £100.00 to the Triangle Project. The Gay Pride Fesitval will take place this year in The Triangle Bournemouth from Friday 11th July to Sunday 13th July. Please visit our LGBT pages or thier website below:



Pictured above: One of the local Triangle residents, Jo Thatcher, holding a cheque kindly donated by Clarkey  of Bourne Free at the Mint Leaf  Indian Brasserie 30th April

FLIRT will be holding a table top sale on Sunday 1st June in The Triangle. Tables are available at a cost of £10.00, bookings must be made in advance. All proceeds go directly to Bourne Free.


Treehouse Family Play & Harrods Magnum of Champagne

It was a fantastic night as Claire & Chris of the Treehouse Family Play hosted the second “Triangle – A better Place Business” event.

It gave every one there an opportunity to share there ideas on how to make the Triangle an even better Place on February 26th.

As well as Claire coming up with some great encouragement to open others minds with thier thoughts and ideas, it was a chance for some to sneak a look and understand why every one is talking of  this vast, stunning, colourfull place. As well as all the brilliance of the place, it was also the ease at which Claire organised the evening making it no suprise why this place is so successful.

It was also an opertunity for some toget to know one another and was so succesful that people were still there at 8:30- even though it was ment to finish at 7!! It is not a surprise then that The raffle for the Magnum champagne was over looked. It was decided as it was promised that it should be given this week. Sue and Chis of Main News in The Triangle were asked to pick out the winning number ( Monday 3rd March ) Plus a few more as back up. 

 The Winning Number is  yellow 144, please pass this on as it must be claimed by Monday 10th of March otherwise another number will be chosen!

We would like to thank Claire and Chris for the hard work and effort they put into the evening – as hosts, the venue and food- it was amazing!

We would also like to thank Jim and Sally Yates for thier support and donation of the champane to The Triangle - a better place project.

Love The Triangle – Photographs


We are very privilaged to have been given access to the collection of photographs taken on the 8th February themed on The Triangle Commerce,  a veiw of daily life in the buisnesses around the Triangle by members of “Lines of Light Camera club” based at the Bournemouth Library.

(Viola at Hair 4 Divas)

We are delighted to have recieved over 85 or so pictures based on the people, shops and businesses at the Triangle, which shall form a display at the Bournemouth Library in the next month.

DSC_0324We shall be using some of the pictures to add to this web site over the coming weeks - to help illustrate some of the people which make the rich diversity of The Triangle and gives a brief glimps to what makes The Triangle so truely unique.

Pictured above is Mary Stuart and Charlotte Walker of Danzies, Bournemouth’s leading dancewear and shoes specialist

V Design

( V Design, Vinnie Ribeiro and his team)


Our Thanks goes to all those who took part, inparticular the photographers and Mr Michael Stead of the Bournemouth Library Lines of Light Camera Club. Please also take time to look at thier blog and Flickr http:bmthlinesoflight.blogspot.co.uk/  www.flickr.com/groups/lines-of-light/


Simon Baldry of Homes & Steeple

All based directly on The Triangle.


More pictures to follow in the next few weeks. Tarek at Omelletto’s and The Mad Cucumber to mention just a few!

The First Triangle, Bournemouth – A Better Place Get Together

The first “Triangle, Bournemouth - A Better Place” networking business event took place on Wednesday 22nd January at The Bournemouth Library.

It was a light hearted evening of networking and getting to know one another over a drink (or two!). We believe it was a great success as the first event, and it will be even better next time. We are thankful to all those who attended.


There where a lot of ideas flowing on the night, which have been recorded and will be collated and issued prior to the next event, which will be hosted by the fantastic “Tree House Family Play Area”. We will be looking at the suggestions and expanding over the coming months with a view to ranking the ideas and projects in order of importance verses funds and assistance available.


The “Triangle Bournemouth – A Better Place” events will continue throughout the months. Each night will be very different and unique as each host and venue will change, adding an interesting element of diversity to each meeting. We are certain that Claire and Chris of The Tree House Family Play will make their meeting fun, productive and informative. We can’t wait until the 26th of February when proceedings start at 6pm.



We would like to thank The Bournemouth Library for the fantastic help and assistance that they gave us, which was far and beyond what we had hoped for. Don’t forget to bring your raffle ticket’s along next time from the evening as the Magnum of Harrods Champagne will be given away on the 26th to one lucky winner.

In The Triangle, Rumour Has It. . .

The Branksome, under  new management has gone through a fantastic sequence of changes over the last few months.

It seems to be re-freshed and have its sparkle back. Even simply removing the coated film from the windows, has allowed people passing to be able to see in- especially the warm glow you can see from the candles at night, has made a big difference. As such, It appears to have widened its clientel base and became inviting again, to all. What an achievement in such a short period of time!

So it is with sadness and great shame we understand that The Branksome will be loosing its upper floors – to be converted into flats in the very near future. Now Tracey and Moz due to there being no accomadation above will unfortunatly be leaving to run a pub in Poole. If this turns out to be the case, of course we wish them well but hope there was some way they could stay – we will miss them!

The Sofa Shop (next to Gym stop, just past Warrens Taxis) on The Triangle has expanded but needed larger premises and has now moved out to factory space at Hurn Airport. This has resulted in Flirt Cafe taking over the buildings for storage at the back with an art studio over. The shop on the road side will be rented out to others, a few looking to make a deal soon.

If you walk past The Croyden Hotel on Purbeck and St Michaels road junction (near The Manchester Hotel) you will have noticed a lot of changes in the last two months. 

Having been sold, the new owners have been working relentlessly to transform what was a nice but  possibly out dated small hotel into the smart and quirky hotel it is now becoming. The new stylish dinning room has been moved to the front with the residents lounge above also completly revamped with bar. We think it looks great and wish Stewart and Huw the best.

It is one of three major buildings to have been sold - just in this part of the street in the last few months!