Standing a impressive 33meters high, it is the biggest erection to ever be seen in the area -and its outside Flirt Cafe!

Just outside the Bournemouth Library / Flirt cafe, directly on the Triangle, is the massive 27 gondolas, Big Wheel which is still on program to be in use tomorrow!

To put that into perspective, it is exactly 3 times higher than the 3 story Bournemouth Library which to its soffit is 11 meters high at the front. It will be seen from the pier and will have commanding, unbelievable views over the whole of the Triangle, Bournemouth and sea front!

In a very bold decision for such a massive, large scale ride, The Bid in conjunction with the Wheels Festival should be applauded for their very proactive approach in placing The Big wheel up here at The Triangle. Something of this scale has never been attempted before and is a great show of confidence for business in the area. It is also a very refreshing attempt for something new, in un-tested waters.

It will be open from 10am to 10pm, 7days a week and at what is thought will be £5 per adult, £3-50 per child is a fraction of The Bournemouth Balloon.  As it is geographically sat high above the lower Bournemouth Gardens, it will have outstanding views to rival. Local residents will get 20% off on its first week only (13th May-19th).It will be on site until the 5th of June.

It is cross hired to S&D leisure from M&D, based up north, of which the base alone has been brought down as three separate articulated 16 wheeled each, Lorrie beds and then bolted together side by side. With its outriggers, its size can not be under estimated!

For those of you who are not worried, its first day in use of course will be Friday 13Th (tomorrow!)





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