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An Invitation- Evening of Networking and Wine

Your presence is requested!

Triangle business eventPlease join us for a get-together over a glass of wine,  January 22nd

The Triangle Bournemouth - A better place project will be hosting its first evening business event for local businesses in the triangle area.

With so many new businesses started in the last few years, the first Triangle business event will be a light hearted evening of networking and getting to know one another over a glass or two of wine. There will also be an opportunity to share ideas, with the sole aim of making The Triangle an even better place.

Thereafter the idea is to host these events on a monthly basis at differing venues around The Triangle. The events at this point are planned to be held on the last wednesday of every month with the venue owners chairing the event. Bringing an interesting element of diversity to each meeting, and offering the hosts a chance to promote their business to the collective attendees.

The first meeting is to be held at the Bournemouth Library who have very kindly allowed us the use of their venue on Wednesday 22nd January, Commencing at 5.30 til 7 when the library shuts.

If you are interested in attending or hosting one of these Triangle business events please register your interest as we need to know numbers for wine and nibbles.

Omelettos – due to open in The Triangle

No, it’s not Crepes!- I keep telling people as they seem so surprised by the news of yet another new opening in the Triangle - This time a new take away serving just omelettes!

I watch as their faces become perplexed. Yes you heard me right I retort, Its a new place just about to open that will be serving a wide selection of omelettes and shall be called “Omelettos”. Mr Tarek El-dars will be opening a new take away in about two weeks where you can get a freshly made omelet made to order. All free range, local sourced produce from ham, smoked salmon, chizo and cheese to name just a few of the ingredients. There will also be, I am told a fitness omelet with quinoa. Its strange to watch the lines on their  faces diminish as they give the idea some thought.

Mr Tarek explained to me,” prices are to start at about £3 for a plain one with additional items from 30pence each extra. I have had a take away service from a mobile van last year which has gone down very very well and so I thought I would open my first premises. I chose The Triangle- I know it sounds cliche, but I believe it’s true- It’s an up and coming area- with more new food places and restaurants. It’s a quickly changing for the better area that I can afford now, that I like and have found very friendly” .

Omelettos is a compact and bijou establishment due to open in about two weeks, situated between 29-30 and V design hair- directly on The Triangle. We think its a great idea, one that  we feel is sure to take off in The Triangle and we would like to wish Tarek every bit of luck for his and its success. We shall keep you posted…!



Welcome to the launch of The Triangle, Bournemouth – A Better Place Website.

The Triangle – Bournemouth, A Better Place Project is funded and put together in the local community by people proud to live in the triangle.

This website has been provided free and independently. It has been built to promote collectively the diversity and individuality of the triangle, its eateries, shops and hotels.

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