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Biggest Erection is to be found in The Triangle!!

Standing a impressive 33meters high, it is the biggest erection to ever be seen in the area -and its outside Flirt Cafe!

Just outside the Bournemouth Library / Flirt cafe, directly on the Triangle, is the massive 27 gondolas, Big Wheel which is still on program to be in use tomorrow!

To put that into perspective, it is exactly 3 times higher than the 3 story Bournemouth Library which to its soffit is 11 meters high at the front. It will be seen from the pier and will have commanding, unbelievable views over the whole of the Triangle, Bournemouth and sea front!

In a very bold decision for such a massive, large scale ride, The Bid in conjunction with the Wheels Festival should be applauded for their very proactive approach in placing The Big wheel up here at The Triangle. Something of this scale has never been attempted before and is a great show of confidence for business in the area. It is also a very refreshing attempt for something new, in un-tested waters.

It will be open from 10am to 10pm, 7days a week and at what is thought will be £5 per adult, £3-50 per child is a fraction of The Bournemouth Balloon.  As it is geographically sat high above the lower Bournemouth Gardens, it will have outstanding views to rival. Local residents will get 20% off on its first week only (13th May-19th).It will be on site until the 5th of June.

It is cross hired to S&D leisure from M&D, based up north, of which the base alone has been brought down as three separate articulated 16 wheeled each, Lorrie beds and then bolted together side by side. With its outriggers, its size can not be under estimated!

For those of you who are not worried, its first day in use of course will be Friday 13Th (tomorrow!)






It’s not just about The Triangle, but its something that effects all of us in and around the town – that’s a clean town. Most of us just take it for granted, while trust me some people just don’t seem to realize what happens or care.

This Saturday / Sunday morning, I hope was the exception. It was a fantastic warm summers night and I found myself walking along the beach, up through the central gardens- to the square in the small hours of the morning. There was still quite a lot of people around, but most had long gone.

The view of the gardens was unbelievable-litter left every where! Some bagged up and placed around the bins, but every where else was a sea of wrappers, cups, tins, bottles and food scraps scattered all over the beautiful green lawns – where ever you looked.

I could not believe that so many people could just walk away and leave a blanket of filth in our Bournemouth Gardens for others to clean up!

And that is precisely what ” others ” do. A small army of people who ensure that all the rubbish is collected and disposed of before most of us even get up, getting Bournemouth, its central gardens and beaches looking fresh again, before most of us have even noticed.

Having seen and witnessed the truly vast amount of disgusting rubbish people leave, I would like bring it to peoples attention of just how bad it can be and  to say a big “thank you” as a local resident, to all those unseen council people/ workers who make The Triangle and Bournemouth a better place.

A place, I am very proud to live.




Live Music in The Triangle, Dates & Venues

Having watched RP3 in Jalarra, a couple of Saturdays ago, it got me thinking of just how lucky we are in The Triangle.

To live here and have such a collection of venues with such diversity of live music.It now has to be one of the premier location for live music- all within a short walking distance of each other!

For those of you who don’t know, Jalarra is the large, new, smart venue that has just opened on Poole hill (Opp Koh Thai ). In its two weeks of opening – it has been causing quite a stir- with its easy chilled and relaxed atmosphere, good food, cocktails and of course great music.

RP3 are part of the Bournemouth Rat Pack, who have been playing there style of swing, jump jive, latin and retro pop around packed Bournemouth venues where ever they have gone over the last years- so it was no surprise that they would be playing at Jalarra.

Martin Bradford, the RP saxophonist will be playing Sunday brunch 31st May and has now also been booked up for  Sunday 14th & 28th June. Playing from 11.30 at the new Jalarra. He is also playing at La Piazza, also on Poole Hill on the 30th May from 8 pm.

Jalarra have also got Dan Baker & Friends for Friday 15th May, Groovemeister 29th May and All Night Workers 30th May, just to mention a very few.

This new venue joins Smokin Aces with its Live Friday night bands (&DJ’s) with local bands playing every other Sunday.

The Winchester with its relentless, ever changing choice of live music and entertainment- unbelievable talent from all over the country.

The Four Horse men with its open mic every Monday and acoustic show case nights.

Not also forgetting: Flirts open mic night on Saturday 16th May and Samantha Sings Broadway & West end on Saturday 30th May from 9pm

Sunday Cabaret in the smart, bijou & colourful “G” bar, which is now, I believe, open to the general public.

The information on this post for live entertainment is only scratching the surface on the diversity of what is happening in The Triangle and details should be checked on there web sites for times, details and suitability.

A great night is to be had in The Triangle, Bournemouth – Truly a better place





Jalarra, Jalarra – Hip Hip Hooray??

To be honest, I could not think of a better title? But it does sound like very good news again for the area.

As reported on the community page, Jalarra is apparently the aboriginal word for ” Festival of arts and entertainment “. Well, you may ask yourself, nice to know -but so what? Well the fact is – its location is on our door step!

Fantastic news, yet again – the old Bumbles night club (opp the Koh Thai at the top of The Triangle) is in the process of being re-done into a cafe, bar & live music venue. The owners have said that they will not be catering for stag nights or the late night binge drinkers, but instead will be hosting nights of Jazz, Blues & Soul ( to pick just a few of the options) and even possible Bumble Nights!

As they quite rightly state- it will be the general public that decide whether it is a success or not. So its important to show your support now and mould it into the type of venue that we can all be proud of saying its in our part of town, The Triangle, Bournemouth – and adds to making it- a better place!

I, for one can’t wait and think its great that the building is finally coming back into use. So, I will say again:

Hip, Hip for Jalarra!


Here we are 2015, Doesn’t it look good!

We start 2015 with a lot of positive changes and new things to come in The Triangle!

But firstly we start with an apology. The site was/ is being re done but our schedules have just made it impossible to find the time to get together, so the home page is still missing and new work only half done.

This has meant that a lot of things have not been reported or pages up-graded. This is also partly to do with the growing success of our “The Triangle Bournemouth Community Group, face book page which has now got more than 1,300 members since its start a few months ago! An incredible feat- well done to Jo Thatcher and also now Paul Stenning who do most of that work.

The four horsemen has opened- what an interesting venue, with over 70 bottled bears on sale – and a nice guy who owns it. If you haven’t been, you must. Please see the write up started under Bars. Sorry about the lack of pictures, one day I will learn!

The Goat and Tricycle Pub has been under new management for a few months now and seems to be getting more popular ( as if that was possible?!) as each week passes- under the direction of its popular staff and new management team.

Both new Hilton Hotels are progressing well at the bottom of the hill and the draw of new potential customers, with the plans seen so far, will start making an incredible impact on our area even by the end of this year (2015). What is planned over the next few years is nothing but incredible- great news for long term investment in our area.

There are lots of  “same” high street shops all over Britain (that the web also covers) but there is only one area as individual, creative and diverse as The Triangle, Bournemouth. Its uniqueness of good restaurants, bars, hair salons and coffee shops – all within a short walk,  truly makes it a better place.




The Triangle According to Jim

Here I was on my own and feeling at a loose end, so went for a coffee in the Espresso Kitchen. I like this place because besides serving the best cup of coffee, I have noticed this place is a hub for the locals and is always warm and inviting. There were a few people in and I soon found myself engaged in chat with a few of them. I must admit that I live near The Triangle but was surprised by the conversation. I had always thought of myself as relatively observant but was taken aback by the enthusiasm about the changes within The Triangle, happening right under my own nose!

Having finished my coffee I was challenged to have a walk about and really look and take in what was happening around me.

I started at the Top of Poole hill, noticed the new pelican crossing and behind the new additions to St Michael’s School. I had never realised just how big and how many millions the Council must have spent! It has fantastic additions that must have made it more than double in size!

I came down the hill and noticed the toilets under offer- I hear they are being removed and a new building built- a restaurant?, The New Rancho Steak House was much bigger than I had expected and Terraced Buildings around it renovated and looking so much better. The new flats and shop that had been under scaffold near Ashbys Estate Agents nearing completion. The hanging baskets that flourished from most of the lamp posts, I don’t remember seeing any last year?

The small Thai cafe is new, saw the pictures of the food on the window, so I popped in for lunch. This is the old Toppers Resturant that had been closed for the last year or two. The decor and style of the place is a bit dated and certainly different, but it is a cafe- serving true Thai food cooked to order and brought to the table as and when ready, plate by plate-It takes time. This is honest Thai food, not modified for the English consumption. The food was excellent and unbelievable value cooked in the open plan kitchen by the Thai owner.

I certainly didn’t plan to eat so much, so decided to walk more and having gone down a few of the roads I then noticed all the places with scaffold around them, St Michael’s road and then the ANC building to name just two areas- near finished- I understand something to do with a foreign language school?

Then the biggest surprise, under further investigation of peering through windows, all the downstairs shops have been taken in the New Building across the street- though new, these shops had remained empty for years- all now gone facing commercial road! (The old C&A building) Now being fitted out- rumoured to be for a finance house ready for November? How many people are going to work there? The place is vast!

A smile came across my face when I saw the new Flirt sign shimmering in the sun light. Just perfect for the place-cascading light and beckoning people ( as if they need moreI Its always to the brim with people) to its quirky flamboyant inside. Its places like this that make the difference and make The Triangle area so unique and fun.

After years of indifference, to my mind, this area is definitely changing for the better, right under my very nose if only I opened my eyes More!