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OVER-The Rainbow, or is it?

1488708361902752786016Originally having moved to the Triangle I had thought the small shop front acoss the street, was a strange place to put a children’s play area, they must sell ice cream there- they have Rainbow flags out side? On walking to the window I soon realised it wasn’t!

They can’t be very busy.

Over the years and looking back I can not understand how nieve and stupid I was! But still what a strange place to put Over the Rainbow, a small drop in for the LGBT+  community?

On starting this web site, ( We put them on) I learned a lot more. Their range of advice, support and information for thier clients was far greater than I could imagine or even briefly understand. As well as mental & health advice, they offer sexual health advice and its safe promotion, psychological support and even advocacy. In fact they provide a vast array of services that I began to realise was also used by so many!

Like so many public funded institutions, trying to balance the books has been extremely difficult and even though for the last 15 years Over The Rainbow has provided for the LGBT+ community in the heart of the Triangle such a unique and needed service, it has tragically been subject to NHS and public health cuts from operating from its current premises.

It is a tragic shame that should not go with out notice.

On  a recent visit I found out this is all provided in a safe, confidential space with qualified, professional counselling and even including a drug and alcohol referral service. The place is like a tardis. Reception, Meeting room and small interview rooms, office and clinic/ treatment room. Again not at all what I had expected. It’s unique place in the Triangle places it perfectly for its easy accessability for its client base and cheaply.

Over the Rainbow has come out fighting. They are now seeking community based crowd funding for both the short and longer term for the protection of its services.

They have set up a justgiving.org page. Having achieved 18% of its target of £27,000 target.

As well as planned night’s at local LGBT+ venues in The Triangle, they have organised a sponsored walk from pier to pier, starting from Boscombe on April 16th from a 12:00 start- But with a twist- it’s got to be in ladies heels!!


Boscombe pier to pier. April 16th

Men dressed as men, but in heels! Please contact Over the Rainbow directly for pledge forms, information and for any other ways that you can help:       01202 257478 (they also have an answer phone when closed).





2016 was great, 2017 in The Triangle!

The Triangle of course on New Years, was the best place to see the start 2017 in- without doubt!

Having been to an earlier party in Westbourne we headed to the high street after midnight to see what was happening. Yes, there were things happening, but in all, it was pretty quite and we knew the only place to head for was- THE TRIANGLE, BOURNEMOUTH

The buzz was immediate the moment we got to the top of Poole Hill. The number of people on the pavement outside CANVAS, The WINCHESTER and DYMK was a fantastic greeting!

No where in Bournemouth can you get such a wide and diverse collection of establishments or spectrum of people! There was no way we were going to be able to see everything, maybe just a few!

It is with out doubt that CANVAS is where it seems all the beautiful people go. Beautiful women in slinky, sexy dresses and heals. A lot of good looking men in black tie. The place as always, was a throng of gyrating heavenly bodies- and that wasn’t even the dance floor!! My guest, Steven from Brussels commented  that he had never seen such a large group of lovely people in one place and needed a bib to catch his saliva! The music and theme of Casino Royale- was fantastic! Just when you think CANVAS have reached their best, they surprise and raise the bar even higher!

Who could resist The WINCHESTER with a slogan last week of “The big one! Are you raving or behaving? join us for a night to remember!”

It is true, it was a fantastic night but on waking this morning, I would be surprised by just how much/ little could or would be remembered…? A more laid back crowd having great fun- I just wished I was younger with more energy!

It was packed, as also of course DYMK. This is no surprise to anyone who knows these venues.

By the time we got to SMOK’IN ACES it was past 3 in the morning and I have to confess, we were beginning to wilt a bit until we got inside. It must be the music or the people? But we soon found renewed energy from somewhere! A fantastic evening where, no surprises that the staff of OJO ROJO had joined after closing. It was just great!

We could only cover a few places in The Triangle and saw the crowds outside The X CHANGE which was thriving.

We had started at the top of the hill and didn’t even make it to The FOUR HORSEMEN and suspected we had also missed FLIRT. There was just to much to cover, even when some were rumored to be open way past 6 in the morning!

These places are truly special and are only to be found in






Due to the predicted bad weather forecasts, there have been a few changes, Venues across the Triangle will be hosting a array of free family entertainment- Ideal for what could be a wet day!

Easter is here, and we thank the Bournemouth Town Centre Bid who have lined up a fantastic array of free family entertainment for The Triangle! As well as The funky little sisters, From 11-11:40, we have the young and very talented Rachael-Ann from T.V’s The Voice playing from 3-3:30 at Flirt Cafe. We are really looking forward to this first of a kind, family fun day and hope it will be well supported. All venues are a very short walk of each other, ideal for a wet day! The entertainment starts at 11am on Monday 28th and will incorporate a selection of free entertainment through out The Triangle area, with face painting at the new Ojo Rojo from 11 to 4pm, Dr Balloon man at The Blue hill Cafe/Bar from 12 to 1pm.

The staff at The Bournemouth Library have kindly volunteered and will now open the bank holiday with free circus workshops upstairs & free Arts & crafts in the Foyer from 11 to 5pm. At 4pm there is music from the famous Matt Black- The Piano man, who is well known for his very clever embellishments of words to songs and great sounds from his key board. He can be found in venues all around the South Coast.(His son Chris is also a signed, well known guitar player that has performed, in many places such as in Smok’in aces -also to be found in The Triangle). He will now be playing at the Mad Cucumber Vegan Lounge between 4-5pm on the Triangle.

From 3-4pm is Fairy Princess characters at both Tealith, the Bubble Planet and Espresso Kitchen.


There is something for every one! With the town centre Bid, only the Triangle community can rally to unite & come together to offer such a diverse array of entertainment- most free, for the whole family.

Though there are Balloon artists around, Doctor Balloonman is one of the best and with the other acts, it will be a great day out for every one.

There is only one Matt Black- and only one Rachael- Anne from The Voice, and they both will be in The Triangle!!





(As also reported by The Echo & Lindsey Harris of message-tree.co.uk)

The Manchester hotel was once a much loved, iconic hotel of its time which over the years has had a whole selection of well known entertainers and first class acts appear and perform. A large and delightful hotel of about a hundred rooms.

Unfortunately that was many years ago and I believe irreverent to the argument . The building is very large, that has been cheaply adapted over decades, left in very bad repair and noted by many that ” the architectural merit has long been lost.” Because of its uneconomic running costs it has been left to the very cheap end of the market & all that that brings (not great for local residents).It cost far more to repair than its value and due to its lay out could never be brought up to good workable standard.


Though no one likes a building site next to them, A architectural simulated photo has been submitted of the new building proposed (seen & held by us, but not posted as confidential ) in the last week and I am sure most local residents will be in support of it. We defiantly will be!

GOING? While were at it, what about the St Michael’s / or Mint opposite, again another hotel that does no justice to Bournemouth’s reputation as a fine holiday destination and rumoured to have been turned down for its HMO licence. We wait for confirmation.

GONE! We have noticed work now started in 2 former empty shops, the old Thai Cooks Cafe, also in the shop between the Expresso Cafe and MintLeaf Indian Brassiere. Please keep us posted on progress. We also hear the former Private shop on the Triangle may be under offer.


2016 is looking fantastic for the area -if looking at the last few months of 2015 are anything to go by!

We have had the opening of the amazing Canvas loft bar which has brought another area of cool sophistication back to life at the top of Poole Hill (opp Koh Thai) Starting late January, they will now be having “Live at Canvas” Via Britox T.V and video program aiming to showcase many quality emerging bands and artists! Who would have thought this only a few months earlier?? Since opening in November, they have already brought James Morrison, Paul Weller and James Taylor quartet to the stage!

Canvas, with other smaller venues such as The Winchester and Smokin Aces to name but a few, have helped establish The Triangle as the rising premier area for a wide & diverse spectrum of live entertainment in Bournemouth, and indeed, for that matter- the South coast.

To quote “Bournemouth news & info” on the net: THE TRIANGLE REVIVAL CONTINUES!

Southbourne Ales are looking to open directly below Canvas and bring back to life a space that has been boarded up for the last 15 years, as early as possibly May!

We have Ojo Rojo, the new Mexican Tapas Restaurant due to be opened early spring, the scaffolding is down and all is progressing well. Opening in the former Oswald Baily building that had remained empty for the last several years, by J.J Adams of Smokin Aces fame- a few yards up the road, also in The Triangle.

Work is progressing well on the former Branksome with what will be the New Brewhouse kitchen & Micro Brewery. The diggers have been in and cleared the back for a new large cellar and upper floors now being built. This will vastly open up the two floors and enlarge! Due to open again later this year.

Sunrise Organics have opened on St Michael’s road in a shop (opp Treehouse Family Play) that has remained empty since it was built several years ago as with Sun Monkey also opening at the tail end of 2015, directly on The Triangle in a shop that once again had been closed for a number of years.

We have now had the opening of The Hilton Hotel(s) just a stones throw from The Triangle and it will be great to see what influence it has on the area in terms of new investment and foot fall. We love the sky bar and believe (as with all the new housing / flats being built in the area)  it will bring clients a little up the hill directly into the heart of the Triangle area. An area which month on month continues to be an expanding, increasingly vibrant, quirky hub for dining, live music, arts & night life. Making The Triangle, Bournemouth – truly A Better Place.


Public Consultation- Redevelop 41-45 Poole Hill

Wednesday 18th November from 4pm – 8pm at 41- 45 Poole Hill

(opp Koh Thai- below the stunning new premises of Canvas )

There is going to be a public consultation prior to the submission of a planning application for the proposed development of (ground floor) 41- 45 Poole hill, Bournemouth BH2 5PW.

Jennifer Tingay of Southbourne Brewing is hoping to redevelop the property that has been vacant and boarded up for the last 15 years! She is hoping to turn it into a brewery with visitors centre and public tap rooms. This requires change of use from A3 to mixed use A3 and A4 and she is inviting all residents, business owners & users to view the plans to obtain your feed back.

The meeting will be held on site, in the lower 4,700 sq ft floor(s) of the impressive grade II listed building that was formerly The Bournemouth School of Arts in about 1880 – from the street on its pediment, its crest still remains, above the windows. Those windows now being that of what is now the areas newest, large, stylish loft Bar, Restaurant and Night club - Canvase, (opened 23rd Oct 2015) The lower part still remaining boarded up – sometimes used as black boards for graffiti.                                     Residents of the area might know it in the past as the “Jalarra” or “Bumbles Night club” building.

Jennifer, formerly the quality Manager at Ringwood brewery, started less than 2 years ago as a brewster in her own right and has received 2 awards for producing 4 permanent beers and a further 4 seasonal, all ready!

Tom Russell, owner of The Four Horseman ( with an impressive over 75 different craft beers on sale behind the bar) – further down the road in The Triangle, thinks it will not effect him in the slightest as they are so very different ( As also what will be The Brewhouse and Kitchen- the old Branksome) and believes as I do, it will only add to make The Triangle an outstanding area for traditional beer drinkers and can only bring more foot fall into the area.

Sunmonkey Tanning Salon is now again progressing well, near The Mad Cucumber vegan lounge.Scaffolding is now up and works are now progressing on what will, I believe be the areas New Mexican Restaurant owned by another well known “Triangle” entrepreneur. Conversion of the public toilets has begun again (rumored to be a new Taxi Rank?) and work is starting on the old Kodak building- a very large and exciting project for the area.

All great news for the area again!                                                                                                                                                                        The Triangle, Bournemouth – A Better Place!              

Why The Triangle?

As any one who lives here already knows, The Triangle is changing fast. Its quirky, vibrant & cosmopolitan free spirit makes it an area of outstanding difference from the run of the mill, typical, same old, repetitive chain of shops & restaurants found on most major high streets up and down the country.

The Triangle is a small area, but within only a short walking distance to  the town center & sea, it can boast every conceivable convenience needed for day to day living on its door step.

The Proximity of the fantastic new 3 star & 5 star Hilton Hotels and flats ( of which the penthouse is now on sale for a cool £3million!) is just a stones throw away.

As with new flat developments on Exeter road,  The vast new developments on Terrace road- Redrow’s The Summit ( with 41No 1,2 &3 bed flats- cheapest 1 bed believed to be starting at £185k upwards)  Joining 86No 1,2 &3 bed flats well under way by Taylor Wimpey ( with 1 bed starting at £225k, 2 bed starting at £325k) on Priory road and even the newly completed Palms Holiday flats off Somerville Road, just to name a few, will all make a massive impact on the area- increase foot fall and will make the triangle a premier area to live in. With the long term Bournemouth Borough Councils Town Center Vision, and massive planned development in front of the Royal Exeter Hotel and former Winter Gardens, things are only going to get better for this area!

Seeing the tower cranes on the horizon in this side of Bournemouth, it is no surprise that Savills in the guardian, is predicting Bournemouth in particular to outperform London in its property price gains over the next five years.


We notice the investment of Flirts new decking out side its front, and like the new signage of both Mint Leaf Indian Brasserie having gone up this week as well as Danzie’s Dancewear last month, and a new colorful bright exterior nearing completion to The Exchange.

In The Triangle we have Sunmonkey Tanning Salon, 9 The Triangle, now ready for fixtures & Fittings and is looking ready to open soon.

We notice some activity in the former Roberts Estate agents and also items taken in to the former camping shop, opp Mail Box.

Sunrise Organics (as reported on the Community face book page ) is due to open first week of August at 9, St Michaels road.This shop having been empty & never used for years- since being built. We are really looking forward to this and believe it will be a great asset to the area.

It joins Jalarra, at 45 Poole Hill, the large, stunning new live music / eatery / cocktail bar that opened in the former “Bumbles” in May of this Year – which I believe can already boast some of the best live stage facilities on the South coast. Also Tealith, the new bright bubble tea planet that opened between the famous Smok’in Aces and new The 4 Horsemen pub.

But we believe there is a few commercial premises still for sale / rent in the form of  “Priva”, a 2160 sq ft & 186sq ft basement (former night club) for restaurant or retail use still available on Poole Hill – next to Koh Thai.

Lewisons 440ft sq, A1 use- No 35 The Triangle BH2 5SE

93 commercial rd, A1 use for sale or rent BH2 5RT

And opposite Koh Thai, directly under the new Fantastic Live Music venue Jalarra, a 3,180 sq ft premises at 41-43 Poole Hill, all of which are marketed by Goadsby. Please contact them directly on 01202 550000, and check details which we have only collected off the inter net.

J.M.Watts are marketing the former Ashby estate agents, 164 commercial Rd a 494sq ft shop and can be contacted on  01202 461586.

If they are not already under offer, we don’t think it will be long!


HELP! Home wanted for two indoor cats left abandoned

It is sad to report that a home(s) is urgently sought for two lovely black and white cats that have sadly been left to fend for their selves after being abandoned by there owner after they have left the country.

The cats are thought to be between 1-2 years old and have been kept for the most part indoors in a flat in the Triangle area. It is unfortunate that a local cat shelter has been un able to take them as they are already full.

If you think you could help in any way / would like to find out more details, please contact 01202 299684

Free Violin Concert in the Library at 11:30 Saturday 14th June

A birthday concert for Maurice Patterson MBE, at Bournemouth Library 11:30 Saturday 14th of June

Maurice Patterson MBE is turning 75 this year. He is president of the Coda Fiddle Orchestra, Bournemouth’s sistema project providing violin lessons and rehearsals for the Coda Fiddle Orchestra group where no child is excluded due to there inability to play.

With out Maurice’s tireless fund raising, there would probably be no CFO.

The CFO makes a major contribution to the musical life of Bournemouth and is a flagship for Bournemouth, performing alongside The National Youth Orchestra at London South Bank’sw annual Simon Bolivar Nucleo. Also on The gardens Bandstand, for the Arts Festival, for Christchurch Arts festival as well as many private functions including the recent Rock Star Business Achievements Awards. 

This Saturday the CFO is giving a concert in Maurices honour. Young violinists will perform Vivaldi concertos including the Four Seasons. We are sure it will make a very interesting start to the day and we hope to see you there!

Thai Food Festival – The Triangle 3-5th May

The Thai Food Festival

Bournemouth’s Thai Food Festival will be returning for it’s fifth year!

THIS Saturday 3rd May, over the bank holiday to Monday the 5th, we will see the Bournemouth Town Centre transformed into a Food and Culture Festival – returning this year with a twist. The Festival will be meandering all the way up Commercial Road and directly into The Triangle.

This fantastic event, organised by the Bournemouth Thai language and Culture School, provides an opportunity for mixed heritage famillies (English / Thai) to meet socially and explore Thai Culture and language.

We are proud to welcome this exciting event into our communtiy. There will be a lot of things to see, try and taste, plus Live entertainment throughout the day.

Funds raised over the weekend help the school continue their great work

This is an event that you would be foolish to miss.