About The Triangle Bournemouth Website

About The Triangle, Bournemouth – A Better Place, Website.

This website has been provided free and independently. It is not funded by any Resturant, Hotel, Bar or shop etc or indeed anyone mentioned. The views expressed and content are our own and they more than likely have been added without their knowing. We are local residents, not writers – so please excuse some of the writing. The information following is about us and our purpose.

About This site

It has been built to promote collectively the diversity and individuality of The Triangle, its eateries, shops and hotels - put together in the local community by people proud to live in this vibrant, cosmopolitan area of Bournemouth called: The Triangle.

We are always impressed by those who add, keep clean or improve the area that we live in.

The Triangle, Bournemouth

Truly A Better Place

Bart Angus-Hughes


I would like to thank:

Laura Angus Hughes for starting this project with me. (my daughter)

Gareth Collishaw (pictured below) for continually volunteering long hours and hard work to create this constantly evolving website and for adding the more professional touches to this community project. Fixing it when I mess it up!

Frankie Bolton, for her beautiful sunset photos

The Bournemouth Library  for their help and assistance where sought.

Ben Thompson for all his design work on the The Triangle, Bournemouth – A better place Logo and contributions. He can be contacted on 07709518909

Joanne Thatcher for her work on raising finance for hanging baskets in The Triangle and now starting The Triangle Bournemouth Community Group Face book page, with the help of :

Paul Stenning. web developer in The Triangle

Tim Cullen  - In The Triangle, with new up dated photos 2016

Kathryn Dobbie 

This website is one part of The Triangle – Bournemouth, a better place project.

About The Triangle Bournemouth website

Gareth Collishaw