A big Thankyou goes out to Wilkinson, our local Wilco in

Bournemouth town centre.

They had promised through their “Helping Hands” when we started our Garden walls project to donate a hundred pounds of materials to help local residents on St.Michaels Road, near the Triangle, so imagine our surprise when we went to collect it last week and were told they decided to double it to two hundred pounds of materials!  A big thankyou goes to Darren Noyle and all the Wilkinson staff, who really have been our good neighbours.

Wilkinson - supporting the triangle bournemouth

We have paint, paintbrushes, gloves etc amoung lots of other goodies! We have lots of ideas – so if you live on this street, please get in touch. As well as contacting us through this website, you can post a note in our suggestion box in Bournemouth Library.

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