It was a fantastic night, the moment you walked through the door, live guitar music set the pace from the very beginning.MG_0521

A glass of Sangria on arrival, sat down and just to relax letting our eyes and ears take in the ambiance of the room. That was a feast in its self, a good start before we even had a bite! We were soon in the mood, the pace set – we were excited for what was in store,  then the food- it just kept coming. we were not disapointed, a great selection from all corners of Spain.

loitafullrestrauntMost of us enjoying a glass or two of wine from their selection of good Spanish wines; it just got better as the night went on. The decor and warmth of the place and the Character of its owners is evident through out the place creating such enjoyment.

At the end of the evening, much to our surprise and disbelieve the staff and owners donated their tips of over £50 to bring the total of the night to £210 for the fund.

A big thank you to Lucia and Steve, and the staff of Lolitas.


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