The Triangle of course on New Years, was the best place to see the start 2017 in- without doubt!

Having been to an earlier party in Westbourne we headed to the high street after midnight to see what was happening. Yes, there were things happening, but in all, it was pretty quite and we knew the only place to head for was- THE TRIANGLE, BOURNEMOUTH

The buzz was immediate the moment we got to the top of Poole Hill. The number of people on the pavement outside CANVAS, The WINCHESTER and DYMK was a fantastic greeting!

No where in Bournemouth can you get such a wide and diverse collection of establishments or spectrum of people! There was no way we were going to be able to see everything, maybe just a few!

It is with out doubt that CANVAS is where it seems all the beautiful people go. Beautiful women in slinky, sexy dresses and heals. A lot of good looking men in black tie. The place as always, was a throng of gyrating heavenly bodies- and that wasn’t even the dance floor!! My guest, Steven from Brussels commented  that he had never seen such a large group of lovely people in one place and needed a bib to catch his saliva! The music and theme of Casino Royale- was fantastic! Just when you think CANVAS have reached their best, they surprise and raise the bar even higher!

Who could resist The WINCHESTER with a slogan last week of “The big one! Are you raving or behaving? join us for a night to remember!”

It is true, it was a fantastic night but on waking this morning, I would be surprised by just how much/ little could or would be remembered…? A more laid back crowd having great fun- I just wished I was younger with more energy!

It was packed, as also of course DYMK. This is no surprise to anyone who knows these venues.

By the time we got to SMOK’IN ACES it was past 3 in the morning and I have to confess, we were beginning to wilt a bit until we got inside. It must be the music or the people? But we soon found renewed energy from somewhere! A fantastic evening where, no surprises that the staff of OJO ROJO had joined after closing. It was just great!

We could only cover a few places in The Triangle and saw the crowds outside The X CHANGE which was thriving.

We had started at the top of the hill and didn’t even make it to The FOUR HORSEMEN and suspected we had also missed FLIRT. There was just to much to cover, even when some were rumored to be open way past 6 in the morning!

These places are truly special and are only to be found in





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