We start 2015 with a lot of positive changes and new things to come in The Triangle!

But firstly we start with an apology. The site was/ is being re done but our schedules have just made it impossible to find the time to get together, so the home page is still missing and new work only half done.

This has meant that a lot of things have not been reported or pages up-graded. This is also partly to do with the growing success of our “The Triangle Bournemouth Community Group, face book page which has now got more than 1,300 members since its start a few months ago! An incredible feat- well done to Jo Thatcher and also now Paul Stenning who do most of that work.

The four horsemen has opened- what an interesting venue, with over 70 bottled bears on sale – and a nice guy who owns it. If you haven’t been, you must. Please see the write up started under Bars. Sorry about the lack of pictures, one day I will learn!

The Goat and Tricycle Pub has been under new management for a few months now and seems to be getting more popular ( as if that was possible?!) as each week passes- under the direction of its popular staff and new management team.

Both new Hilton Hotels are progressing well at the bottom of the hill and the draw of new potential customers, with the plans seen so far, will start making an incredible impact on our area even by the end of this year (2015). What is planned over the next few years is nothing but incredible- great news for long term investment in our area.

There are lots of  “same” high street shops all over Britain (that the web also covers) but there is only one area as individual, creative and diverse as The Triangle, Bournemouth. Its uniqueness of good restaurants, bars, hair salons and coffee shops – all within a short walk,  truly makes it a better place.




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